Using Windows Paint in Windows 7


Getting tired of that default bowling ball head you have for a Profile image?  Can’t find the right photo? 


It’s easy to draw your own Profile image. 


Why not draw a Profile image that is bright, colorful, distinguished, eye-catching, and unmistakable?    Something that is “you.”


2015 03 01 hearts gif


Are you one of those who believe there is a “correct” way to draw? 

If you are doubtful whether you can draw, let me point out that if you are drawing to express yourself or to enjoy yourself and then share, you are doing it right, and you are creating art.

So go for it!


Step one:  Open Windows Paint.

To open Windows Paint, click Start / click Programs / click Accessories / click Paint.

Hint:  Start is that button in the lower left corner of your screen.


Step two:  Make a page to draw on. 

It is best to make a page that will fit on your Windows Paint screen so you don’t have to scroll up and down.  A page that is 526 x 526 pixels will fit the screen.  That is also the ideal size for a tweet in Twitter.  To make an image this size in Windows Paint, click Home tab /  click Resize / click Pixels / (unclick Maintain Aspect Ratio) / in Horizontal, type 526 / in Vertical, type 526 / click OK.

Or make the page any size by hovering over the lower right corner of the page until you get a diagonal double arrow, click and drag.

It really doesn’t matter what size the page is. 


Step three:  Color your image. 

Click Home tab.  Click Color 1.  In the color box (“Colors”), click on the color you want. 

In the tool box (“Tools”) click the Fill-With-Color tool.  (It looks like paint spilling from a paint bucket.)  Click on your page.  With the click, it should fill with the color you have selected.

Hint:  Ctrl+Z is a shortcut for Undo.


Step four:  Add a border.

Add a line border with the Line or Rectangle shape from the shapes box (“Shapes”), after clicking on a different color.  The Line shape looks like a short diagonal line.  The Rectangle shape looks like a rectangle with a solid border.  (It’s not the rectangle with the dashed border which is the Select tool.)  Click the Line or Rectangle shape and then click and drag on the page. Give another click some distance from the shape, but still on the page, to make the shape stick.

Hint:  Draw with lines thick enough so your design won’t wash out when it is condensed to make a tiny Profile image.  Click on the Size down arrow to change the thickness.


2015 03 01 message gif



Step five:  Add some lettering.

Add lettering with the text tool.  This tool looks like “A” and is in “Tools.”  Click the “A,” then click and drag to open a text box where you will put lettering.  A menu appears with a “Text” tab.  Pick a different color in the color box, if desired.  Pick your lettering font and size. 

Click in the text box and write something short and meaningful, and when finished, click outside the box, but still on your page.

  Hint:  Magnify by clicking on the “+” lower right screen.


Step six:  Save it.

Save your masterpiece.  Click the deep blue button upper left in Windows Paint.  Hover over Save As.  Then in the menu that opens click “GIF picture” (Graphics Interchange Format) to make a low KB file.  Enter a File Name.  Click Save.  You will see a message about color – colors may be adjusted slightly at this point as you continue with “OK.”

Hint:  Don’t save as GIF if you might want to continue editing; rather, save as “BMP Picture.”  Save as GIF when you are ready to upload.

Hint:  Anytime you re-save with JPG you lose detail.  Also I’ve had problems with PNG, so I choose GIF to upload.


2015 03 01 nesting stars gif



Step seven:  Upload it.

Upload your image to your Profile just as you would a photo.


Step eight:  Smile.

Congratulate yourself on your new Web presence.  Hip-hip-hooray!



(These directions are for Windows 7 and may have to be adjusted for other versions.)




updated: March 1, 2015





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  1. Cailsey says:

    Not so bad for the new learners. Not so good for users want to have a candid profile.

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